About Us

Our company has been operating since 2006 to provide products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers in the production of plastic and decoration products.

Our mission:

"Our mission is to be a leader in sector as a company focused on hobby and decoration products.”

By offering competitive and innovative solutions to our customers, we want to create value by enriching our employees with trainings so that they become the best of what they can be.

By acting in this consciousness, we believe that we are not only a mold and product manufacturer for our customers, a Solution Partner and we work for it.

Our vision:

"Pastime aims to achieve sustainable growth and become the most respected company in decoration sector.”

Pastime strives to achieve this goal through the participation of its employees who work with confidence, their superior efficiency in processes, the strength of their cooperation and their advanced solutions.

We are passionate about adding a unique value to our customers, employees and suppliers of Pastime.

We create this unique value by designing, developing, producing and marketing our own products and technologies and at the same time adhering to ethical values.


Our company has started to invest in this field by attaching great importance to R&D activities in the Pastry Equipment sector since 2011 and has become well-known in the sector in a short time with the PASTIME brand and has managed to gain the trust of its customers. PASTIME, Rep. With the PRODUCTION PERMIT AUTHORITY of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock for the manufacture of food-contact materials and products, it continues its production with the principles of on-time delivery and reasonable prices, adopting the principle of providing quality, reliable and healthy products to consumers.