Animals-1 Cookie Cutter Set 4 pcs - Butterfly, Bird, Chicken, Bat #RP13067

The detail cookie cutter set can primarily be used to decorate treats such as cookies, cakes, pastries, rice krispie treats, sandwich cookies, cake pops, chocolate dipped strawberries, candy apples and chocolate covered marshmallows. The cutters can also be used to cut cookie dough or sandwich bread. However, depending on the density and thickness of your dough, or the complexity and size of the design you choose, this can get tricky.

Produced with biodegradable PLA raw material. These parts are NOT dishwasher safe. Hand wash only with lukewarm water. Prolonged exposure to moisture and direct heat/sunlight should be avoided. The color of the cutting die may differ from the picture. Our products are made to order and usually take 24-72 hours to produce. Please consider this period in your orders.

Product Size : 9 cm

The size belongs to the longest side of the design.

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